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What does PEACE mean to you? -Thinking from the people and activities in Hiroshima-

The word Peace.
Of course it is a state without war, but isn’t it actually broader and deeper than that?

For example, the beauty of the vast ocean is due to the nutrients flowing from the mountains, which also grow because of the rain produced by the ocean.
Our daily life is also a time of “peace” when the people around us, the natural environment, and our own mental balance are all in harmony with each other.

We are often at odds with this balance, and this often leads to conflicts. Hiroshima was burned to the ground in the atomic bombing, and we lost our precious, normal days.
However, thanks to the passion of the people and the blessings of the mountains and sea that nurture Hiroshima, the city has recovered and is sending a message of peace to the world, and new challenges are being born with an eye to the future.
It is a movement that can be described as peace = harmony, not only from the perspective of humankind, but also including all ecosystems.

In Hiroshima, a city of peace, why don’t you think about the meaning of Peace once again through encounters with people and activities in the mountains, the sea, and the city?

day11945. Knowing what happened in Hiroshima that day, and feeling “courage” from the strength of the city that rose up from the ruins.

On the first day, visitors will spend a day thinking about peace, looking at the scars of war that Hiroshima bears and the way the city has risen up and continued to move forward in the face of war.


Hiroshima okonomiyaki making experience

He personally makes and eats Hiroshima’s famous okonomiyaki, a dish that played a major role in the postwar reconstruction of the city.


Peace Memorial Museum

Learn about what happened in Hiroshima at the Peace Memorial Museum.


Peace Cycling Tour

Visitors will experience what happened in Hiroshima before, during, and after the war, and how the city was rebuilt, while touring the remains of the atomic bombing by bicycle.


You can choose from the following options

1) Free Time
Time to be on your own and slowly digest what you felt on the first day.
2) Bar hopping
While touring around Hiroshima’s food spots with a guide and fellow participants, we will have a dialogue about what we felt on the first day.

Hotels in Hiroshima City

We will guide you to an inn where you can feel the concept upon request.

day2Feel the “symbiosis” of people and nature from the origins of Hiroshima and the bounty of the mountains.

We will learn about how the city of Hiroshima was formed in the first place, and about the blessings of the mountains that are its roots. And to deepen the bonds among the participants of this tour.


The Beginning

We will climb Mt. Futaba, which offers a panoramic view of the city of Hiroshima, and learn about the origins of the city of Hiroshima. We will also take a bird’s eye view of the itinerary of this tour to deepen our common understanding of the future tour flow and the purpose of the tour.


Okuyurai Shower Climbing

While experiencing the activity of shower climbing up a river, visitors will learn about the origins of the city of Hiroshima and the blessings of the mountains that were essential to the reconstruction of Hiroshima.

As the participants challenge themselves through a number of difficult obstacles, their bond with each other deepens, and their relationship changes to that of comrades before long.


Experience country life in an old house and talk with local residents

While sharing dinner with local residents in an old house, experience the ancient lifestyle and learn about the symbiosis between mountains and people.

Okuyurai Rural Experience House

This is a private accommodation facility opened by a group of natives who renovated four old private homes in an effort to revive their devastated birthplace. Visitors can enjoy various activities in each house, such as sunken hearths, goemon baths, iron griddles, and saunas.


day3From the mountains to the sea, we know that everything is in circulation and feel the great “connection” between Hiroshima and the world.

Moving from the mountains to the islands, visitors will experience the great circulation of Hiroshima, spun by nature, the city, and its people.


Old-fashioned breakfast

Making rice the old-fashioned way, with firewood and a kamado.


Olive Experience on the Island

“The language of the olive is “”peace.
After lunch at an olive farm, we will make an olive wreath to be used in a departure ceremony.”


SUP Experience

SUP around the bay and oyster rafts to learn about the relationship between the mountains and the sea.


conceptual dinner

The concept of this tour and the special dinner for this tour, which expresses the relationship between the mountains and the sea and the water cycle, will be served with French-based dishes.

Etajima Sou

A hot spring hotel opened in 2021. All rooms have ocean views, allowing guests to enjoy the view of the Seto Inland Sea stretching out before them. In addition, the cuisine uses ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture, including Etajima City specialties, and offers French cuisine that can only be enjoyed here.


day4On the ocean route that supported the development and reconstruction of Hiroshima, you will surpass yourself and feel “hope” for the future from the greatest challenge of the tour.

Ocean routes have played an important role in the development of Hiroshima and its postwar reconstruction. This program will challenge participants by paddling sea kayaks along the route, and consider the trajectory of the city toward becoming a city of peace, the development of industry, and the reasons for the calm sea from the perspective of geography and ecosystems.


Etajima→Miyajima Sea Kayak

“The 16-km distance from Etajima to Miyajima, where the World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine is located, is a challenge by sea kayak.
The Seto Inland Sea route, which is crossed by sea kayak, has supported the industrial development and reconstruction of Hiroshima, and has also created the serene beauty of the archipelago.
The tour will give visitors a sense of the historical, geographical, and ecological background of the island.”


Itsukushima Shrine

Visit Itsukushima Shrine, which has watched over the transition of Hiroshima.


Lighting up the Otorii Gate

“You must stay on Miyajima at night to enjoy the illumination of the Otorii (Grand Gate).
You can also enjoy the beautiful starry sky and night view.”

Hotels on Miyajima Island

We will guide you to an inn where you can feel the character of Miyajima.

day5Finale. Into Our Own Future

Reflecting on the five days, they will have a dialogue about the changes that have occurred in themselves and their future lives, feel the “future,” and set off on their own adventures.


Climbing Mt.

We will climb Mt. Yayama while learning about the unique nature of Miyajima. Then, we will reflect on the 5 days while enjoying the 360 view at the top of the mountain.


Rite of Departure

After placing an olive wreath at the Peace Memorial Park, participants will go up to the Orizuru Tower to reflect on the entire tour in dialogue and make a pledge for the future.

A step toward your future begins.